Why health is wealth…

Much of my life I have enjoyed good health. Things improved when I gave my life to Jesus.

I realised over time that as long as I had a healthy spiritual diet of daily prayer/bible study and regular church attendance; and forgave people, I was almost immune to the diseases around me.

But forgiving people is not always easy…especially if you loved them and trusted them. 

Earlier this year I became very ill. I found myself in hospital, and for weeks I was unable to do the things I did so easily …eating a meal, watching TV, writing a blog, cooking a meal for my family, going to work…

I realised I had much to thank God for, and so much that I had taken for granted…my health and my ability to do the things I had to do.

For weeks and months my prayer topic changed…from world events to my health. It dawned on me that God who cared for the Universe, also cared intimately for me.

I am (and you are) His Universe. 

The words “his grace is sufficient for me” began to make sense. Although I was suffering so much physically, I was able to get by each day. His love for me did not change…in sickness as in health, he remained my Father.

My health has improved, and I am so grateful…

Let all that I am praise the Lord;
    may I never forget the good things he does for me

(Psalm 103:2 NLT)


One thought on “Why health is wealth…

  1. Amen Kalpana. So sorry to hear that you have been so unwell, but, praise God that He has brought you through it wiser and with a much deeper “attitude of gratitude” towards Him, i imagine.

    I too went through a prolonged period of a variety of illnesses, as well as other unforseen crises and tragedies. I look back on that period of my life as my own personal “Job-like” experience, which was used by God to break my pride and self-sufficiency.

    I discoverd an amazing little pocket book called “God’s Medicine Bottle” by UK Bible scholar Derek Prince (now with the Lord in Heaven.) It is chock-a-block with healing scriptures that Derek meditated on, whilst in North Africa, bedridden with a (quote) “incurable” skin disease, contracted in the desert. He realised that the word “meditation” had the same root as “medication” so meditated on these healing scriptures three times a day, whenever he was taking his tablets. He was discharged completely cured after @ three months.

    He taught the meditations on these scriptures to an army colleague, hospitalised with exactly the same complaint, and, because, by then, Derek had refined the technique and scriptures, this man was discharged cured in just three weeks!

    I highly recommend this humble little book, which assisted me enormously in my recoveries. It costs @ £7 from Derek Prince ministries online.

    Thanks and may God continue to keep you in the health, wholeness and happiness/joyof the Lord. Amen.

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