Is it important to take your children to church regularly?

I was brought up by an atheist father and a Christian mother. (My father gave his life to Jesus in his 70s – 15 years before he died).

Due to my father’s hatred for church politics (who could blame him!) we stopped going to church when I was still a toddler. Thanks to my mother’s fervent prayers, we were all saved – but my brother still doesn’t attend church. Sadly, he did not witness his own father attending faithfully. Although he is born again, he has not really grown in his faith.

Statistics suggest that children of parents, where both attend church are more likely to remain, than if only one parent attends. The latter are more likely to stay in the faith, than two Christian parents who are not faithful in attending church.

Shortly after I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 13/14, the Holy Spirit led me to an amazing Christian fellowship – I have never left. I can’t begin to describe or list the blessings that have come from this…

When I had no money, the church took care of me. When I was sick, they prayed for me. When I was sad, they wept with me.

Consequently, I take my children to church every Sunday, even when we are on holiday, or abroad. I believe God’s promise that it is in being planted in the house of the Lord, that they will flourish (Psalm 92:13).

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere (on holiday, on family trips, in school…)

Psalm 84:10


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