How to pray for the Elections? 5 Tips

Thank you for reading this blog. It shows you are keen to pray. Well done! 

It is prayer that will decide the outcome of this election (and fasting)! 

The most important principle that Jesus taught us about prayer is – TO PRAY! That’s right:-

PRAY #JustDoIT. 

The bible is clear – we don’t know how to pray, so simply begin talking to God, knowing that the Holy Spirit will help us, and make sense of our prayers. 

Here are 5 tips for success:-

1. If you’re a PASTOR: Please pray a few minutes with your congregation on Sundays BEFORE the kids go to their activities. There is power in unity – within a church, and inter-generationally.

2. If you LEAD a house-group or prayer meeting: Put praying for the election on the top of your agenda! Pray together with your group, EVERY TIME* you meet. If you don’t have a group – why not begin one, with one or two close friends – over the phone, or in person?

3. Pray EVERYDAY*. Set your clock to a convenient time – and pray daily. Why not join others who are already doing this? 

4. Join a prayer MOVEMENT. Watch out for important prayer initiatives e.g. Christians in Government, who organised prayer in front of parliament before the last election – and join!  

5. Can I also encourage you to fast – at least once before the elections? Or once a week? For tips on fasting – watch this inspiring and amusing educational video by Pastor Ian Christensen

*if only for a few minutes



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