6 things that prevent prosperity – #1 Fear

A young boy was trying to run into the garden. The sun was shining and he couldn’t wait to have a run around, kicking his ball! But something was stopping him? He thought it was his brother on the other side of the patio door – and he shouted at him. In response to the noise, his mother came checking – she unlocked the door, and solved the problem. All along, the key to what was holding him back, was on his side of the door, not his brother’s side!

Nobody can stop your blessing – only you! Even the devil can’t stop you! 

What holds us back, is on the inside of us – our patterns of thinking.

Let’s have a look at some of the “locks” that keep us from running into God’s great plans:-

1. Fear: our fears can paralyse us into inaction, or delay us with creative excuses. In worst case scenarios, we can convince ourselves that God hasn’t spoken to us at all! 

I remember many years ago, when a friend betrayed my trust. I was filled with anger and hurt. I wanted to shut her out of my life – to protect myself. My family told me that was the sensible thing to do. So did my friends. It made good sense.

Then I heard the voice of God’s Spirit gently urging me to write to her, apologising for any hurt I may have caused, telling her how much she meant to me, and informing her that my doors would always remain open to her! 


Sensing the mercy, the extravagant grace, and the unconditional love contained in those words – I knew that was God! Those were not my thoughts, but HIS.

I obeyed very quickly although I felt sick with fear. 

As I wrote her a gracious and loving letter, I was set free. A door of my blessing was unlocked… 

To be cont.d…


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