6 things that prevent prosperity – #blamingPeople

I was friendly with a lady a little while ago – who exuded Christ’s love. I was amazed that despite all her suffering, she never seemed to blame God! Remarkable! EXCEPT…
She blamed people

Her pastor. The leadership team in her church. Her ex-employers. Her neighbours. The incompetence of the government. Her doctor.

And in time…me.

The devil is NOT called the accuser of God – he is the accuser of people. Know your enemy – he is not your friend. The cruel things he has to say about other people are not discernment – they’re arsenic to your soul.   

NO ONE ELSE is responsible for the way we feel, think, imagine, expect of life – only us. The bible says guard your heart (your emotion, your automatic thoughts, your self-talk, your arguments, your blame culture) with all diligence. 

Only you (and I) are responsible for our thoughts and feelings – not our parents, not our psychiatrist, not our family doctor, not our pastor…

As long as we’re finding people to blame for our situation in life – we’re avoiding the job of being the “bodyguard” for our thoughts/emotions – the one thing that will determine our destiny.

Whenever you feel tempted to blame or accuse people – PAUSE, rewind – play a new song

Bless your enemy. Say something nice about the people who hurt you – because gracious lips (lips that say undeservedly kind things) are pleasing to Christ our king. 

We cannot praise God with one breath – and accuse his sons and daughters with the next. WE WILL SLOWLY DESTROY OUR DESTINY.


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