6 things that prevent prosperity:                                  #3. STUBBORNNESS

Shortly after I learned to drive, I took the family car out for a spin. Though I put my foot on the accelerator, it barely moved! 

Being a young woman who prayed, I did just that. I spoke in tongues, worshipped, declared Jesus is Lord. The car moved! 

Although very slowly, I managed to take it out for a quick drive…and then I saw the problem. 


No wonder it was moving so slowly – my prayers had led to a miracle – but my brakes were holding me back.

Stubbornness– our unwillingness to change, can hold us back. They can delay God’s plans for us. 

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, and the Israelites 40 years! It was their CHOICE – not the duration of their journey. They simply refused to change.

I had a manager a few years ago, who had a sign on his wall. It said this, “If you always do things the way you did it before, you will always get the results you got before!” 

If we want to make progress, we have to CHANGE:-

1. The way our mind responds to situations. 

2. Our emotions – because it is our thinking that effects our feeling (and not our circumstances). 

The bible encourages us to take great joy in trouble! To see an opportunity where others see road-blocks – and to get excited.

3. We need to change the way we do things:-

– The way we respond to people in our lives – becoming less angry, less argumentative, more pleasant.

– We need to create new habits – create a space to pray, study the bible, tune into worship music – this will change everything! 

– To exercise a bit more – take a brisk walk, or walk faster. 

– Sit out in the garden or in a park some more (with some warm clothes on if needed!)

Ever since I began organising Hallowed in 2009 – I have changed – not in small “evolutionary” steps, but in “revolutionary” leaps. 

It has always involved the spiritual discipline of being alone with God in worship/prayer/fasting/bible study or of attending church and Christian conferences – but it has also involved being very conscious of what the Spirit is saying to me during worship, or through the people he has placed around me.

Stubborn people refuse to change:-

1. They find excuses for why they don’t need to adapt differently. 

2. They turn on anybody who corrects them – taking it as a personal affront – either becoming defensive or attacking them verbally.

3. They find biblical reasons to justify their stance. 

4. They feel afraid of change – finding comfort in their previously-held patterns of thinking and being.

The bible instructs us to be transformed by the renewal (the 180 degree change) of our mind (thoughts and emotions) – Romans 12:12.

*the brackets are the writer’s own explanations.


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