6 things that prevent prosperity:  #4 Not caring enough about people!

Recently my young son had an issue with one of his classmates. This led his mother and I to say things that hurt each other. We were once friendly, so it was sad that this had happened. His mother is an atheist.

What touched me was her efforts to clear the air between us, and to restore our friendship despite the painful, but short-lived problems between our boys.

If only more Christians were like her! 

I know of “mature” Christians who if you (unknowingly) hurt them, will “forgive” you in the best tradition of the Pharisees – and have nothing more to do with you! 

How does this behaviour reflect the love of Jesus, who gave his life to restore God’s friendship with evil humanity? How can we say we’re Christians (disciples of Christ) and be friendly with someone one day, and have nothing to do with them the next day? 

We’re merely hypocrites – and such behaviour tears through the “love-fabric” of the church, like a moth. Little foxes destroy the vine (the fellowship of believers); and we should not imitate the subtle evil of these modern-day Pharisees, so that our love remains genuine.

Don’t be like such “Christians”! 

Choose to behave like Jesus :))

I have realised that I cannot “ignore” the people who hurt me, because they mean the world to God – quite literally

I have to create a space in my prayer life, to talk about them to Jesus:-

1. About what their friendship meant to me

2. To thank HIM for their lives and every little or big thing they ever did for me

3. To pray FOR them – and 

4. To be real about my pain from the relationship and the need for HIS healing balm to restore me fully, and our friendship. 

I also have to make an effort to go up to them if I see them in a crowd, and greet them and make sure they’re ok (although it is the last thing I want to do!).

This, I have realised, is all important to God – much more than many songs of praise. Only love will show the world the truth of the gospel.

For God is love.  


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