When you feel overwhelmed…

A terrorist attack on children, a baby being thrown off a towerblock, Christians being demonised for believing in the bible, political uncertainty, Brexit…if you’re living in Britain right now, you can begin to feel overwhelmed.

The psalmist cries out, “I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety”.

As I was watching a news report of the desperate victims of the London fire who lost so much, who saw their neighbours die…

it reminded me of the 2 August 1990 – when my family lost everything.

It was the start of what would become known as the first Gulf War. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait where my family had been living as expats. Our livelihood and our most important possessions were gone in a matter of an hour. We were on holiday in India when we heard of this unexpected development. 

How could this happen to us? 

Wasn’t Kuwait the safest place on earth? 

I was only a teenager, a young follower of Christ. As I heard the news, PEACE filled my heart. I knew everything would be okay. 

Nearly 30 years later, I am here to tell you, if in your darkest moment, you run to Jesus, you will be okay. 

More than okay…

I don’t know how God does it, but HE works miracles! HE saves people from impossible situations, comforts broken hearts and brings peace in a place of turmoil. HE is GOD after all. Our creator. The only want who can restore everything.

So don’t let the evil that surrounds you, overcome you, but pray, sing, shout praises to God, and do whatever little you can to help those suffering. 


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