There are 7 mountains of influence – but what about the valleys?

You may have heard of the seven cultural mountains – what an amazing revelation! 

As I travel on holiday to Europe, I look down from the window. I can see the mountains. 

Mountains stand tall, and are difficult to miss – valleys are humble, and lowly. Yet they can be profoundly influential, just like the mountains.

There are a few people in the Bible whose lives inspire me, because of their importance to God, despite their seeming insignificance to the people around them. They were not leaders or royalty, wealthy, famous (in their day) or powerful – yet they touched eternity. Who are they:-

1. Enoch

The bible has one line to say about Enoch! That’s it! But what a line. My prayer is to be like Enoch, a person who walks faithfully with God, whose life is lost in the wonder of HIS love.

2. The midwives 

They saved Moses! 

If it were not for their fear of God, their shrewdness, many young men would have been killed – including Moses.

Today as we see millions being aborted across the world, the attack on men in the name of feminism (I speak as a woman) and the violent assault on gender identity, I pray God would raise midwives…

3. Hannah, a barren woman

Hannah was an ordinary woman who in her anguish, wept in deep anguish before the Lord. God gave her a gift “Samuel” – and she gave it back to Him. Samuel went on to appoint David (of the royal line of Jesus) as king of Israel. 

Whenever, I have been overwhelmed with distress and cried out to the Lord, I have always sensed the Lord’s closeness – and known that His answer was on it’s way. Our tears are never wasted!

4. Joseph, a carpenter

Yes, this is Joseph the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Ever wondered why God send an angel to him, after he had decided to divorce Mary quietly? Why not before

I wonder if God was looking for a man of discretion, who could keep his calm in a crisis? 

5. Mary, a young lady

Mary was a poor, young lady when an angel visited her. God saw her heart – her inner strength, her faith and courage. All of this, she would need one day when her son was crucified. 

6. Anna, a widow

This must be one of my favourite people in the bible! We know so little about her, except that she had the lowest status in her society as a widow with no children. 

As Jesus was brought to the Temple as a young baby, she saw what the religious leaders and professors of theology would miss – the hope of the nations.  

I pray that the life of Anna would inspire every hopeless person to turn to Jesus, the source of all Hope.

7. The boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish

How can we not be inspired by this giant of faith? 

Great mountains are moved by a mustard seed of faith! 

He had the insight that the disciples lacked – that Jesus only needs the little in our hands, with a pinch of faith, to change the world.

I pray that we will always see the enormity of God’s power, and not focus on the little we have to offer.

2 thoughts on “There are 7 mountains of influence – but what about the valleys?

  1. Wow! wow!! wow. What an incredible revelation. It is so easy to overlook the valleys because the mountains are so easy to see.
    Thank God for your incredible insight. Thank you for listening to him and sharing what is revealed to you.

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