Why do Christians need yoga? 

When I was a young teenager, newly converted from atheism, having just met Jesus, I attended a Christian youth camp.

Amongst the many discussions we had, the tears that were shed as we shared our lives, the laughter of new friendships formed, I was taught the importance of taking time out every day to be alone with God in prayer and bible study.

I struck gold! 

I had learned an important secret to living the abundant life.

In the decades to follow, the storms of life would rage – incredible financial loss, national tragedy, suffering, cancer, death of parents, illness – alongside the normal tides of college, exams, job interviews, unemployment, problems at work, marriage, parenting…I had found an anchor of hope behind the veil.

I knew, no matter how hard life got – through every crisis, big and small, or not – I could go to Jesus in prayer and in the word, to find new encouragement, new joy, new peace, new strength. 

This was no breathing exercise to ease the stresses of living, but a peek into heaven!

In Christ alone…yes, by being alone with Christ, I would find rest for my troubled soul.

As I hear Christians say that Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship – I wonder if this a mere statement or a lived-out fact.  

Do we Christians go to Jesus with our every problem or do we try and escape into film, gaming, alcohol, or yoga? Yes, yoga, which in India is being forced onto religious minorities?

God gives joy in the house of prayer


6 thoughts on “Why do Christians need yoga? 

  1. So very true. Alas we forget to do just that…… take it to God in prayer which is a place of refuge. Thank you for this timely reminder. God bless you.

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