Don’t look back or you will turn into salt!

Most mornings I join a few friends to pray over the phone. It’s simply amazing! It is life-changing, powerful and somehow purifying.

Last night I slept a bit late, having watched a film, that was entirely missable.

So today morning I felt too tired to get up and pray! 😐

I woke up a bit later, and as I sat down to pray, waves of regret about that hour of prayer 🙏 flooded my mind. I had memories of how beautiful it was to sit at the sofa 🛋 with a hot cup of coffee ☕️ while praying 🙏. Regret…guilt…longing…

And then I heard the words:-

Don’t look back or you will turn into salt!

So I pondered on Genesis 19:26
ut his (Lot’s) wife…LOOKED BACK, and she became a PILLAR OF SALT As I meditated on the word “salt(melach) I learned a few important SALT TRUTHS:-

  1. Don’t look back at your past – in disappointment or with longing,
  2. Your best days are in front of you
  3. Looking back can keep you from going forward.
  4. It can cause you to stumble,
  5. and in biblical terms make you barren – fruitless 🍇 🍈 🍉😫😭

So look 👀 ahead! God has great 👍🏽 things in store for you 💗❤️❤️


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