What JESUS endured for me…

I have heard the story of the crucifixion ever since I was a child. Over the years, it has become become more personal – as I have realised that everything JESUS suffered, he suffered for me.

The suffering of Christ is no longer just another story…

Reading through Mark 15:1-32 (the bible) today, I was reminded once more of what JESUS did for me.

This is what he endured:-

  1. Gross injustice
  2. Extreme isolation
  3. False allegations
  4. Public humiliation
  5. A total loss of dignity
  6. A gross miscarriage of justice
  7. Many insults
  8. Physical violence without retaliating
  9. A mob turning against him
  10. Thorns piercing into the sensitive skin around his face
  11. His arms and legs being pierced with nails
  12. Being made to carry a cross through Jerusalem like a common criminal
  13. Being treated like a felon
  14. An unbearably painful death that afforded him no dignity or comfort
  15. Being cut off from the Father as the sins of humanity fell on him

He did this for me – and you

Surely, Christ endured hell to make heaven a reality for me.


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