The greatest genocide of our time…

Today hundreds of people will take to the streets of London to March for Life.

This is an answer to prayer 🙏.

We live in sad days

When the human foetus is dehumanised to promote the multi-billion dollar abortion industry,

When “women’s rights” are used as an excuse for terminating millions of female foetuses, and,

A disproportionate number of Black babies are destroyed  in the name of “choice”.

That none of this pricks our conscience because the mighty abortion industry has told us it shouldn’t?

Medical science 🔬 makes it clearer – that these “cells” are as human as we are. We ignore the science and choose empty rhetoric “reproductive rights”?

Thank God for the March for Life. They walk for us all. Or else,…

Posterity will judge us for remaining as silent witnesses to the greatest genocide in human industry.

SPEAK UP for those who cannot speak for themselves – Proverbs 31:8

Let us not keep silent, but speak up for the unborn child, who has no voice.


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