What is the meaning of Life?q

As a young teenager I had many dreams of what I wanted to do with my life…

Until one day I questioned this πŸ€”…

What comes after death πŸ’€?

What was the purpose of my existence, if death πŸ’€ was the end of it?

These questions led me to Jesus.

There are many interesting and fun-filled moments in life, but only a relationship with Jesus can bring true meaning.

I see that my life was not an accident of nature, but deeply purposeful & intentional

My life will not end in the grave

However, there are still times when I feel purposeless, like a boat 🚀 without a sail.

So I pray πŸ™, spend time with the bible πŸ“–.

God has never failed to fill me with fresh inspiration, new hope, clear direction, and joy – despite whatever circumstance I find myself in.

Have you spent time alone with God* today?

apart from me you can do nothing” – Jesus in John 15:5

*Do you know God? Click on this link to find out more.

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